There’s a massive opportunity for supplier organizations to simplify the purchase process by providing customers the information they need to anticipate obstacles and overcome them.


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Software innovation isn’t just a buzz phrase, it’s the key to survival. 

Picture a mass of tiny drones swarming together to take down a larger, lumbering enemy vehicle. This is not a scene from the movies - it's today’s reality. It's also an unmissable lesson for leaders regarding how quickly a group of five or fifteen or twenty, smart people in a one room office can take down an entire industry.

Enter Joseph Knecht, sharing the lessons and strategies he's learned firsthand from his vantage point inside the trenches of daily business. As a time-tested entrepreneur and investor in multiple companies, Joseph [Joey] masterfully captures audiences by disrupting the overused and complacent definition of innovation, then leading them to discover his success-driven path to save their businesses from the impending threat of competitors. He insires his listeners, and arms them with a toolset they can use to preserve their companies or to be the disruptor in their industries.

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Joseph Knecht started at the bottom of a startup software company in 1999. With passion, grit, and an eye for seeing challenges differently, today he leads that same company. He and his team at Proteus have built multiple industry-disruptive b2b SaaS products and companies over the years. The teams' newest disruptive product, ProteusEngage, is shaking up the b2b customer experince world for relationship-based sales and customer success.

Joey and his team have been honored with titles including: Small Business of the Year, Fastest Growing Company Award, Startup Executive of the Year and Mentor of the Year.

Joseph is a devoted husband, mentor, investor, consultant, Long Island native now living in the heart of the Silicon Prairie, and a passionate innovator. He has spoken to domestic and international audiences ranging in size from dozens to thousands.

Read his full story here.

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Maverick: A lone dissenter, as an intellectual, an artist, who takes an independent stand apart from status quo


Knechting [kuh-nect-ing] with audiences

Joey enjoys building relationships with the organizers who invite him and with the audiences he addresses, both while speaking and during offstage opportunities. As a now-midwesterner, he’s an approachable and humble guest who will inspire and who you can be excited to work with.

Joey uses the power of interaction to connect with his audiences, your event, and local businesses and will include your event hashtag to increase reach.


Joseph is the author of “Innovate or Die”, a guide to innovation that coaches bold leaders through the initial steps of ideation to packaging of the ideas to software product validation, before any code is written.

Joseph's new passion is disruption on how companies are navigating the b2b customer experience.

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Ambition is not a standalone feeling.


- Joseph Knecht

Speaking Topics for 2022

How do we navigate relationship building in a no handshake world?

We know deals are done by establishing relationships, but how can that be done when sales teams are grounded and interpersonal interaction is limited?

Why you should care?

  • The B2B sales process has changed, and COVID19 has expedited this change
  • Your B2B clients are struggling to determine what this means for complex sales
  • New revenue opportunities for your organization
  • Because while turbulent times are rattling, leaders like you know that opportunity exists

Learn how:

  • To build empathy from afar
  • Empower internal champions
  • Cater to multiple decision makers on the buying side
  • Navigate and maximize your sales sides resources most effectively
3 Elements needed for measurable activate account growth

Why you should care?

  • Your clients have evolved but sales strategies have not
  • Creating measurable relationship action plans to drive new growth
  • Your customers expect a consultancy experience from your team growing their business, how do you do this consistently?

Learn how:

  • How do you empower your sales team to activate those critical account growth plans
  • Key strategies to double down on now
  • Increasing engagement unlocks opportunities
Why the b2b buyer experience sucks and how not to suck

Your buyer wants control, why organizations are delusional not to provide it.

Why you should care?

  • The customer is always right but organizations are failing to connect appropriately
  • Account growth is taking a beating because of this disconnect
  • Skate to the puck while most organizations rest on old world solutions

Learn how:

  • To build consensus, consistently, and seamlessness in every prospect and client relationship
  • What not to do
  • Increase engagement across the entire buyer group
  • Drive deal velocity

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