About Proteus

We are a team of passionate techies and business people who tell the truth and do what’s right rather than what is acceptable. We believe adventure, creativity and open-mindedness are key in bringing to life software products that are changing the world. We know there is no substitute for hard work and hustle and always bring 110% as we strive to exceed all our commitments. We know that alone is a lonely road and that no one wins by themselves, but as a team, collaboratively we all succeed. We believe that building candid, open and honest relationships with our clients brings us closer to our human destinies...

...We are convinced that the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) spirit with it's nod to dynamic product iteration is at the core of how we positively impact our world.

And, we believe in having FUN - knowing that laughter is the best product of all!

Our Story

Proteus is the product of the VentureTech (formerly i2rd) and Vipa Solutions merger in 2017,  was orginally founded in 1993 by Dr. Don Nelson and Dr. Muhlin Chen, professors from the Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln's Computer Science Department. Both gentlemen recognized the need for software development to be a collaborative experience with a mix of business, technical, and feedback from end users to ensure success. The commitment and passion for product development success was driven by three core beliefs:

  • Research and Planning
  • Answers that are Unique
  • Passion for our Work


Over the years the technology has changed but our founders core principles and values hold true today at Proteus. Year after year, our clients have valued our honesty and integrity. They've trusted us to deliver best-in-class products and together we've developed a long-term relationship for business success. Our clients will recommend us to you.

We succeed for our clients because of our team members. It begins with how each of us approachs every workday - with the excitement that we're always enhancing our transformative software platform, Proteus, and offering personalized service as we go. We encourage every employee to be a leader at work and at home because that makes Proteus a stronger, more vigorous, more responsive company.


Be the leading platform and driver for innovative PaaS experiences.

Core Values - C2G2 PCP


  • Commit to each other, our clients, our cloud platform, our process and our mission.
  • Create opportunities, relationships and products.
  • Give to our team, our clients and our community.
  • Grow ourselves, our team members and our clients.

We are...

  • Passionate.  We always drive for success and see challenges as opportunities.
  • Candid. We have meaningful, real and transparent communication.
  • Positive. We see the glass as half full.